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A balloon modeller is someone who creates sculpture using balloons. Balloon twisters are a specific type of balloon modeller who uses twisted balloons to create their artwork.

Balloon modellers use different techniques to create their sculptures, depending on the style they are going for. Some use modelling tools, while others simply twist and shape the balloons by hand.

The most common type of balloon used for sculpting is latex, which can be inflated to different sizes using a pump. Once inflated, the balloon can be moulded into different shapes and tied off at the end to keep its shape.

Balloon sculptures can be made into all sorts of different things, from animals and flowers, to hats and swords. Balloon modellers can even create large structures and figures from multiple balloons – the possibilities are limitless!

If you’re looking for a way to make an event extra special, why not hire a balloon modeller? Watching these talented artists create amazing sculptures out of balloons is sure to be a hit with guests of all ages! So get those balloons ready – it’s time to start twisting and sculpting!

Symply Balloons takes sustainability seriously. Our skilled balloon artists exclusively use biodegradable latex balloons, ensuring eco-friendly creations without compromising on the artistry and joy they bring to every event.

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